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For about the same cost as one parking lot power sweep,
we’ll clean your whole property every day, for a month.

Calgary’s Choice for Litter Pick Service

Keeping Your Whole Property Litter Free For Less

As featured in The Calgary Herald, Quality Maintenance Inc. has helped keep Calgary and area commercial properties and parking lots litter free since 1985.

For over 30 years, Property Managers and Owners have trusted Quality Maintenance Inc. to provide the most cost-efficient and effective service for keeping their commercial property litter free (parking lots, sidewalks, grass and landscaped areas).

Trash, cigarette butts and other pieces of litter create an unsightly look that can tarnish your image in the community. Having someone clean your property each night is the most cost-effective way to preserve your image and keep your property looking great, year round.

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Year Round Trash and Litter Control

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    What You Get

    Frequent Questions

    Are you insured?2019-04-03T19:38:59+00:00

    Yes! We carry the necessary comprehensive liability insurance, have WCB coverage and are trained for worker safety and safe handling of any hazardous material. We provide proof upon request.

    Do you offer other services?2019-04-05T15:59:20+00:00

    We notify you of any burned out lights, graffiti, property damage or illegal dumping on your property. We’re owners/operators who take pride in providing the best possible litter pick service. Period. We’ve seen many competitors come and go since 1985 in this niche service. Many were contractors for other services such as landscapers or janitors. They claim to do it all, but end up doing very little. Their employees are often not too enthused about having to do this “other” work.

    When is the work completed?2019-04-03T19:43:27+00:00

    We provide a thorough “after hours” service when no vehicles are present. With the site clear, we can see and sweep up all the litter material with ease. In some cases we can finish as late as store openings. It’s impossible to provide acceptable service later in the day with plenty of vehicle traffic.

    How do you price your services?2019-04-03T19:43:49+00:00

    There are many factors that must be considered. It’s not unusual to have two identical properties with two very different prices. Are there businesses that generate a lot of potential litter material? (i.e. drink cups, fast food wrappers, cigarette butts, etc.). Is the property located near schools or busy shopping areas? Or is it located in an upscale neighborhood or industrial park? All these factors contribute to the time (labour) spent cleaning.


    Richard B.

    Royce Investment Corp. Ltd.

    “Quality Maintenance has been a trusted contractor of Royce Investments since the mid-1980s. It is a rare privilege that we are able to provide a reference on a relationship that has spanned 3 decades.”

    Serena B.

    “Quality Maintenance is a very professional company to deal with and always reliable service.”

    Slade R.

    Operations Supervisor at CBRE

    “Quality Maintenance Inc. has been a valued contractor of CBRE Limited for over 10 years and we are pleased and honoured to write this letter for Brian Winch and his team of professionals.”

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