Clean your whole property every day, for a month.
It costs about the same as one power sweep.

Litter Pick Services

Cost Less Than You Think

There is no one size fits all pricing for litter pick services. What you pay depends on how large and complex your property is, and how much litter we need to pick up. We need to walk your property, so we understand your situation.

How Do We Estimate Your Pricing?

Some of the things we look for include:

  • What type of property – retail, industrial, office?

  • What kind of tenant mix – grocery store, restaurant, medical, etc.?

  • How many litter containers and waste bin enclosures?

  • Where the property is located – neighbourhood, commercial district, industrial park?

  • How big is the parking lot, sidewalks, and surrounding landscape area?

  • How often is service required?

We can’t provide an estimate based on simple square foot calculations. What we can promise is a fair price for the work we’re taking on. In many cases, one month of our daily litter pick service for the entire property would be similar for what one would pay for a thorough power sweep of the parking lot.

How to Proceed?

Call us. Request a free quote. We’re happy to walk your property and get back to you with an estimate.

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